Title Matching Services

Titles or designations are assigned to every working professional by their employers. Advertisers, knowing the title of a person, can promote appropriate services or products to them. This tactic has always helped marketers determine customer requirements. But, over a period of time, the employees’ titles change. This can be due to promotions, demotions as well as job changes. Such changes adversely affect marketing strategies. The Title Matching Services from B2B Leo allows advertisers to keep up with changing job titles as well as changing jobs. Our main archive, compiled after extensive research and survey, always remains up-to-date with every change in job titles. Moreover, the Title Matching Service Providers have vast corporate tie-ups and tap into most of the job portals to remain up-to-date. Additionally, we cross-examine and rigorously verify every bit of new information. So, avail our services and broaden your advertising horizons.

How do we provide the Title Matching Services?

  • We receive marketers’ data set and examine it with our tools as well as applications
  • The data specialists at B2B Leo later compare it with our database of millions of latest prospects
  • In addition to this, we remove all the outdated information about employees and replace them with the latest data
  • Furthermore, our team conducts deduplication procedures to ensure that there are no redundancies
  • Subsequently, we categorize the new data set according to job titles, companies together sectors and location
  • After everything, we organize as well as customize the newest database as per our customer’s requirement

How can Title Matching Services help marketers?

As the years pass by, people change jobs or switch careers. Moreover, many people also earn promotions or change their designations within a company. With these changes come changes in the titles and designations which hamper promotional activities like newsletters and subscribed emails. Title Matching Services are good at dealing with these changes and enable smooth marketing activities. In addition to helping marketers update their databases, this service also saves time and money otherwise spent on appending. So, avail this service and optimize your email marketing activities.

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