Title Matching Services

Organizations assign titles or designations to their employees for identification purposes. Marketers leverage this information to promote relevant products or services to individuals based on their job titles. This approach has proved to be effective in identifying customer requirements. However, it is important to note that job titles are not constant and can be subject to changes due to promotions, demotions, or job shifts. These changes can have a negative impact on marketing strategies. B2B Leo’s Title Matching Services can help advertisers keep up with changes in job titles and job roles. Our extensive research and surveys are compiled into a comprehensive archive that is regularly updated with the latest job title changes. Furthermore, our Title Matching Service Providers have strong corporate partnerships and access to various job portals to remain informed. We also conduct thorough cross-examinations and verifications to ensure the accuracy of all new information. Our services can help broaden your advertising horizons.

How do we provide the Title Matching Services?

  • We receive marketers’ data sets and examine them with our tools as well as applications.
  • The data specialists at B2B Leo later compare it with our database of millions of the latest prospects
  • In addition to this, we remove all the outdated information about employees and replace them with the latest data
  • Furthermore, our team conducts deduplication procedures to ensure that there are no redundancies.
  • Subsequently, we categorize the new data set according to job titles, companies together sectors, and location
  • After everything, we organize as well as customize the newest database as per our customer’s requirement

How can Title Matching Services help marketers?

As time passes, people tend to switch jobs or even careers. Furthermore, getting promotions or changing job titles within the same company is also a common practice. However, these changes can create trouble for promotional activities such as newsletters and subscribed emails, as it becomes difficult to keep track of the updated information. Title Matching Services can effectively deal with these changes and ensure smooth marketing activities. Not only do they help marketers update their databases, but they also save time and money that would otherwise be spent on appending. So, why not take advantage of this service and optimize your email marketing activities?

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