SAP Users List

The System Analysis Program (SAP) is a computer software designed for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other enterprise applications. The software’s precision has resulted in an increasing number of SAP customers, making it a valuable asset to businesses across various industries, including accounting, sales, production, payments, and human resource management. Its significant impact on the business market has earned it a place as the third biggest company globally, after Microsoft and Oracle. As a result, B2B Leo has developed the SAP Users List to aid marketers in reaching out to the best prospects, providing them with the latest products and service updates that are relevant to their operations.

The growing market share of SAP has resulted in an increase in the number of SAP users, which can be leveraged to target specific clients. By providing updated and properly compiled data, marketers can make their marketing campaigns more dynamic and responsive to the changing marketing demands.


This SAP ERP User List contains a wealth of information that can be used by marketers to capture the interest of their audience through repeated communication. It allows marketers to engage with customers and improve click-through rates to achieve a higher return on investment.


By utilizing our SAP Customers Contact Database, marketers can plan better B2B campaigns, resulting in a more effective approach to business and marketing. The SAP customer list includes prospect details with common interests, such as names, titles, company details, and more, enabling marketers to identify and target potential clients with greater, titles, company details, and more, enabling marketers to identify and target potential clients with greater precision.

How do we compile the SAP Users List?SAP Users List

Compiling: The database is assimilated from trustworthy sources like mandatory government listings, technical journal subscription registrations, etc.

Updating: Regular data scrubbing and appending along with, list washing upholds the legitimacy of our SAP Users List.

Verification & Validation: All the contact details furnished in our lists are checked to be active and up-to-date.

Bifurcation & Segmentation: We compile the contact details into sections like geographical location, hospital capacity, specialization in treatment, etc.

Organized & Ready to Use: Also, we structure the SAP Customers Contact Database to be easily accessible and ready to use.

SAP Users Database Count

Companies Using Sap Users List34,291
USA Companies in SAP Users Database18,191
Total IT Contacts36,874
Decision Makers Database35,38,455

The usefulness of SAP Users List

We have an extensive history in this field, which has provided us with invaluable insight into the marketer’s way of thinking. As a result, we are capable of providing our clients with top-notch data gleaned from thousands of sources that we have verified through postal campaigns, calls, and other methods. In addition, our data specialist conducts regular data scrubbing and data appending to ensure that marketers have the best possible opportunity to achieve their marketing goals and objectives. To better serve our clients and expand our reach, we have a strong presence in key countries such as the US, UK, Canada, France, Singapore, Australia, and more.

Filter The SAP Users Data on Various Parameter

Different marketing strategies need the data in a specific format with a specific field to make the marketing campaign most effective. The data that we provide can be filtered and customized according to various parameters.

    • As per the job Title
    • According To Asset
    • SIC Code wise.
    • According to Company Size
    • Employee Size
    • Geographic Location
    • Revenue Size
    • City Wise

How does the SAP ERP User List improve advertising?

SAP boasts an impressive list of big-name clients, including a multitude of multinational and public sector companies. Our estimates show that there are more than 86,256 users of SAP ERP among these renowned customers. It comes as no surprise that SAP is considered an industry leader and a trailblazer. Advertisers can take advantage of the SAP Customers Contact Database, which provides a means of reaching out to all of SAP’s customers and streamlining their marketing campaigns. The email list can also be used to promote similar products and services to these high-quality leads, improving the speed of lead discovery and ultimately driving revenue growth. It’s highly likely that these leads will turn into customers and provide a significant boost to marketers’ bottom lines.

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