Data Matching Services

Advertising and promotional efforts often rely on customer databases to reach out to prospective clients. However, over time, these databases can become obsolete due to changes in customer information such as relocation, career changes, retirement, and even death. Such discrepancies can negatively impact marketing strategies as marketers may end up approaching the wrong candidates. The Data Matching Services offered by B2B Leo are specifically designed to prevent such discrepancies arising from outdated information. Our Data Matching Service Providers ensure the availability of the latest and accurate information, through extensive research and verification methods conducted by our team of data specialists. Our services cater to a wide range of industries and prospects, ensuring comprehensive coverage. By availing of our Data Matching Services in the USA, businesses can streamline their advertising efforts and consolidate their marketing efforts with up-to-date and precise information.

How do we provide our Data Matching Services?

  • We receive the advertising information from our clients and analyze it using our algorithms
  • Our data team checks this information against our master database, which has been verified and updated periodically.
  • Later on, we remove obsolete entries as well as cross-reference old and new information
  • In addition to this, we add the latest, up-to-date details of customers including their office addresses
  • Furthermore, we conduct extensive verification through telephone, email, physical survey, and direct mail to further ensure accuracy
  • Lastly, we customize the new database according to the advertisers’ requirements.

How to choose the best Data Matching Services?

We, at B2B Leo, conduct thorough research into firmographics, purchasing power, customer preference patterns, and so on. All of this information results in our accurate master database. We extract appropriate information from the most reliable sources as well as regional surveys. So, avail our services and expand your customer base in addition to enhancing your revenues and ROI.

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