Real Estate Data List

Real estate is a widespread sector that seemingly, only has an upward trajectory. As cities expand and economies grow, the growth of the real estate sector is natural. As the real estate industry grows, the tertiary businesses relevant to it also grow. These include housekeeping and security services, painters as well as several other associated services. The Real Estate Data List from B2B Leo is a complete list of mailing details of real estate developers, brokers together with all other relevant professionals. In addition to this, the email list has segmentations according to geographic location, company size, and coverage area. Furthermore, the Real Estate Email Data also has contact details of executives of companies. All of these features make this mailing list very useful for marketers to promote these services to relevant candidates. These can be municipal authorities who undertake public works as well as companies hoping to build their offices.

Importance of our Real Estate Data List reflects in:

  • It’s facilitation of rapid discovery of marketing leads
  • The list’s vast collection of thousands of email ids gives a platform for advertising several products as well as services
  • Our team of data specialists ensures that it has only the latest information

How do we compile the Real Estate Data List?

Aggregation: Social media, company disclosures, market analysis as well as media advertisements and civic information

Updating: At B2B Leo, we regularly update our data archives through regular surveys and research in addition to data appending.

Verification: We extensively verify our information through email, direct mail in addition to cross-referencing, telephone calls and physical checks

Segmentation: Our data analysts segment this email list according to the professional, company, company size, as well as location

Organize: We customize this list as per our buyers’ or advertisers’ requirements.

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