Data Standardization can be defined as the process of refining database with Database Monitoring Software to ensure that it can be shared with other organization. Ideally, B2B Leo’s data standardization uses fuzzy matching techniques to provide one of the most comprehensive Data Quality Metrics. It should be performed during data entry but if it is not done, a comprehensive back end process is necessary to eliminate all the data inconsistencies to give valid, accurate and standardization capabilities.


  • Consumers who submit incomplete records, through web services or e-Commerce platforms
  • Poor integration of data from different sources, such as "address," "street address" or "zip code
  • Contradictory inputs from CRM, ERP and other systems

If you don't make use of Data Scraping software, your database won't be safe and you may face challenges, as these mixed up irrelevant data isn't just a possibility, but a probability.

Advantage of using our Database Monitoring Software:

  • Provides valid and accurate data
  • Interprets and re-organizes data within any context, from any source
  • Works efficiently with all your applications and systems, like CRM, ERP and e-Commerce platforms
  • Fuzzy matching techniques

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