Case Study

B2B Leo – Case Study


Case Overview
Company Service vendor from Pennsylvania
Service Provides cloud based services for marketing
Challenges It was tedious for the clients to reach their potential customers to provide service updates
Root Cause Using conventional method for communication
Customer Since December 2008
Solution Viral marketing from B2B Leo
Result Clients were able to reach target audience at a faster phase to provide service updates
Profit Rise Rise up to 40% of the gain

Client Business Nature

This particular client, is a cloud service vendor based out of Pennsylvania, providing cloud oriented services since 2006. Since cloud is an emerging part of technology, this client of ours has ventured out to merge cloud applications with marketing that helps small businesses. Apart from the above said, the client is an active provider of other cloud based application services as well.

The Hitch

In order to keep connected with their clients, present in remote locations, this particular vendor had tried out various marketing services to provide service update through their cloud based marketing application. But unfortunately, the attempts had faced failures, incurring huge fund loss. The company could hardly retain their old customers who were looking to have their services, to upgrade their businesses with the help of cloud.


Experts from B2B Leo were made to analyze, the remote location where the prospective clients live in. And from the experts report we had found the following problems were hindering to reach them.

  • Usage of conventional marketing tools
  • Interrupted connectivity
  • Absence of up to date data base and knowledge about cloud benefits
  • Less population for interaction


From our array of products and services, we found that our Viral Marketing would be the ideal match to resolve their problem. The primary needs of our client were found to be as follows -

  • Tool that gives instant connectivity
  • Reach audience where ever there is no proper communication channel
  • Affordable, high revenue yielding services
  • Automated data updating tool


B2B Leo had provided customized services which had the combination of viral marketing along with a social media page, specially designed with an attractive content to reach audience of any kind. This service was implemented immediately to our client, and they were happy to see transformations happening instantly.


At once after seeing drastic changes, the clients were more than happy to choose our services. The results were promising which yielded more return on investment along with a good number of new prospects. We had also provided few more marketing tools that had helped them to prophesize that cloud has a major part in marketing as well. For the time in the history, the vendor had gained 40 % of profit rise within a period of 5 weeks.

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